Saturday, December 29, 2012


Specific Objectives
a) To ensure sustainable exploration, production, processing, liquefaction, transportation, storage, distribution facilities and utilization of natural gas for domestic market and value addition for export;
b) To ensure that the Government and Tanzanians participate strategically in the natural gas value chain;
c) To strengthen human capacity development as well as institutional, legal and regulatory framework for natural gas industry development;
d) To ensure effective management of natural gas revenue to achieve the national development goals;
e) To strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility mechanism in the natural gas activities and projects areas, in order to maximize benefits to the local communities;
f) To ensure that prices of natural gas and related services are economically efficient and promote natural gas industry growth;
g) To promote linkages between the natural gas industry with other strategic sectors of the economy to accelerate socio-economic transformation;
h) To ensure transparent and accountable system in the management of the natural gas industry;
i) To benefit from regional and international community in the development of natural gas industry; and
j) To ensure that all activities in the natural gas value chain are undertaken in a manner that protects people’s health, safety and environment.
Policy Statements:

The Government shall:
(i) Participate strategically in upstream activities through its National company responsible for development of petroleum or its subsidiaries;
(ii) Ensure promotion of investment in exploration and production of natural gas resources;
(iii) Ensure adoption of modern technologies for exploration and production of natural gas;
(iv) Ensure competitiveness in the grant of petroleum licenses to promote productivity and maximize the country’s benefits from its natural gas resources unless under exceptional cases for national interest;
(v) Ensure natural gas is produced efficiently and effectively with minimal flaring activities where necessary; and
(vi) Ensure adoption of optimized production profile to ensure high recovery of natural gas.

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