Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Tuhuma: Mulugo anatumia majina feki; Atathibitisha/kanusha/puuza/chuna?
Hii ni nukuu ya maoni yaliyotolewa na mdau aliyejitambulisha kwa jina, “msyani” ambayo ameyatoa kwenye chapisho lenye video ililiyozua gumzo nchi nzima, “Hon. Philipo Mulugo speaking at ‘Innovation Africa 2012’
You guys can not be serious by insisting that it was just the slip of the tongue. We know and understand how mistakes resulting from the slip of the tongue are, but this is extreme. Zimbabwe and Pemba are completely two contrast areas geographically. If it happens that one has unfortunately pronounced it then, something would instantly knock in his brain reminding him that he has done a grave mistake. That did not happen to him coz he jilted tanzanians that he is a learned person something which does not exist. He is a Songea Boys form six failure.

These are his names as he used them before becoming an MP. Hamim Agustino as he was schooling at Mbeya Day and Songea Boys. Mulungu availed when he was working as a teacher at Southern Highland High school and now he is called Phillipo Agustino Mulugo. This is the results of giving hooligans such sensitive positions which requires smart people. Why all these names? THis is a typical signs of corrupt people like Mulugo.
Source: WAVUTI

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