Monday, November 22, 2010

Unforgettable DSJ- ACC22 & DIPLOMA IIA TANGA September 2010 visitation

By Elia Migongo
 The “ Uhakachuzi” smudge badly the student leadership
 The dean called for investigation
 Opposition leaders call it as serious weakness on strategically arrangements
Do you know how the whole visitation went, follow up with the write to have full of how it worked throughout five day stay in Waja leo waondoka leo” beautifull city
On 15th September,2010 from Dar es salaam to Tanga region where by the journey started from Ilala Sharif Shamba where the college is found, we started our journey on 08:12 am, number of students participated were131 including certificate and diploma and two tutors were Dean of students Mr. Edwin Mpokasye and Madam Rehema, on the way we passed through Kawawa road and Morogoro road, Coast region, the first point to stop was Chalinze where we got some breakfast around 10:20 am, after that the journey continue on 10:45am, around 12:54 we are at the cross road to Arush and korogwe to Tanga town, around 1:45pm, we reached at Mkonge plantation where there is Hale power station, there we met Mr. Elisha Cheti who gives us some information about the use of sisal plantation and what Hale power station produce.
Mr. Cheti explained that Hale produce electricity 300 mega watts a day, where there is sisal plantation that used to produce rope and waste material from sisal is used to produce electricity, after visited Hale power station (Mkonge Plantation) the journey continue to Tanga town where we supposed to stay was around 17:10 and we are staid at Pope John Paul II hotel and that was the end of tour for the first day.
The second day
On 16thseptember,2010 I walk up early in the morning and prepared myself after that I went to get breakfast before the tour starts, around 09:15 am the journey starts from Pope John Paul II Hotel to Tanga fresh milk industry and we met Mr. Donatus Ndauka production officer who explained a lot concerning their production for the students on how milk received and tested before going to another step if has some water and bacteria, Mr. speaker explained that they have a machine that used to boil some milk to kill bacteria if there is in the milk. The industry is owned by investor from Holland and Tanga farmers, the speaker continue to explain that some milk is collected from different areas in Tanga and they have some stations where milk is stored before exporting to Tanga town where the Industry is found, Mr. Donatus Ndauka continue to explain that at the time where there is drought of glasses number of milk also became a problem and milk is not sold in Tanga only but the big market is Dar es salaam.
The same day; Media house hour
At Breeze fm 100.6 on 16th September, 2010 where we met Mr. Julius Kamafa radio presenter the one gives information and he was on behalf of radio manager who was not present because of office commitment, and we get to know the owner of the radio is Aisha Kigoda, the radio began December 2008, and the radio operate 24hrs.
We visited Mwambao fm 106.0 there we met Mr. Ahmed Simba radio manager and the station is bring into being at Bandari House in Tanga. Mr Simba continue to explain that their radio established in 2007, the radio covers Tanga region, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Arusha and Pemba, program that offered are entertainment and social programs their radio slogan is voice of Tanga and many program is live.
The third day
On 17th September, student visited Huruma fm with its frequence103.6, the radio is under the Roman Catholic Church, and Mr. Frank Odomali radio manager was our host here. Radio station began on 24th December, 2007, but the first trial was January 2008, it was live program and their intention to open huruma TV on the coming days.
Mr. Odomali explained that they have programs like educational and religious program whereby their intention is to educate the society about different diseases like HIV/AIDS and to spread the word of God, as a result many program is recorded, they several parts of this country like Zanzibar, Pemba, some parts in Dar es salaam like mwenge, Mabibo, Tanga itself, Coastal region, morogoro, Manyara, Kilimanjaro, Mara and Mombasa, Mr. Odomali explained that their radio covered large area because they along the Indian Ocean which support them a lot.
Their radio income is through advertisements, but some advertisement they don’t receive them because it is against their religious. Receiving advertisements like from the institute of preventing and combating of corruption Bureau (Pccb) they print T-shirts and greetings cards and also they record Bongo flava Music and chaos being the source of radio income.
The last day
On 18th September, 2010, around 09:18 am the journey starts from as usual from Pope John Paul II to Amboni caves, where we met Mr. Sijaona Masome Matata Jumanne, Museum keeper the one who explained a lot of things that found in the caves that caused by soil erosion through water, the first station is known as evil station where people prayed to ask for many things in the caves there are different shapes like marine, Blessed Virgin Mary statue , holy books of Quran and the bible and other shape like human being productive organs.

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